Insurance Information

In order for me to freely serve and treat my clients at the highest level, without restrictions or being forced to submit a diagnosis in order to receive reimbursement, I will no longer be accepting insurance payments. This will allow me the freedom to serve my clients freely at the level of care that is personally fit for them and not determined by the insurance companies. Below further explains.

Privacy & Confidentiality:

When insurance companies pay for your therapy, your therapist is required to provide your diagnosis and treatment notes to your insurance company in order to get paid. This undermines the basic treatment premise of therapy and also gives a lot more people access to private health information about you. It also means that their employees (clinicians or not) will audit my treatment plans and read what we talked about in my session notes. In turn, the insurance company may decline authorization of additional sessions because you’re not progressing fast enough; our work in psychotherapy does not qualify as “a medical necessity”; or because my treatment approach isn’t recognized by the insurance company as an “evidence-based treatment” (that’s code for short-term, as in 6-12 sessions).

I believe that you have a right to confidentiality of your medical records. You also have the liberty to progress through treatment at a pace that’s best for you – one that allows you sufficient time to take everything that you’re experiencing. That unfolds differently for each person.

Assumption of Illness:

Insurance companies operate on a medical model, which means they require a diagnosis to establish that you have “a medical necessity” to seek services in order to pay providers. The vast majority of insurance companies don’t consider relationship issues, grief, life-transitions, personal development, or self-improvement as “a medical necessity”. So, I’d have to assign you a diagnosis to be reimbursed for our work together when there may not be one that really fits what you’re going through.

What are the benefits of privately paying for mental health care?

No Labeling – You don’t have to carry an unnecessary (and perhaps inaccurate) diagnosis on your medical record.

Confidentiality & Privacy – You and your psychotherapist are the only people that will know you’re in therapy.  You get to choose who you disclose this information to.  Session notes are private records so there won’t be available prying eyes reading about your intimate details.

Self-Determination – You get to work with a psychotherapist that is free to use the best therapeutic approach to help you meet your goals.  You and your psychotherapist are the only people involved in the decision about the length of your care.  You won’t have to seek additional authorization to continue your work or return to psychotherapy if you have new goals you’d like to explore.

My private fee per session, whether for individual or couples is $150 per session. I accept cash payments, credit cards and use of Venmo.

Life Coaching Packages

Please call me directly to schedule a Discovery Call. During this call you will gain clarity on your goals and a road map to get you there. I offer 3 month and 6 months packages and will offer the package that best fits your needs.

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